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Gate motor repairs Midrand has been a leading gate motor repairers, suppliers and installers for every type of gate motors available for every gate in Midrand. To guarantee the quality and longevity of our gate motors, gate motor repairs Midrand also supplies and install state of arts electric gate motors to clients in Midrand and all its sorrounding boroughs.

Centurion D5 smart gate motor replacement, supply and installation

Ever since our founding in 2008, our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of customers throughout Midrand and its sorrounding suburbs including Vorna valley, kyalami, Glen Austin,Austin view, Carl’swald, Clayville, Riverside, Waterfall,Noordwyk Olifantsfontein and Randjespark, just to name a few. No matter the size of the job we use our experience to fine tune every detail and set you up for years of peace of mind.

We know you can’t afford gate motors that doesn’t hold up. We know you have got a budget to stick to and that any downtime can be a significant in convenience. That is why we move efficiently without compromising excellence to get the job done right the first time. Whether it’s a simple replacement or new installation.


Sliding and swing gate motors are the secret behind the smooth operation of all Midrand gate motors repair . The streets of Midrand is filled with the sound of opening and closing gate motors sliding and swinging smoothly as home owners goes to work and business opening. The smooth sound emanating from Midrand gate motor repairs is not a given, the secret behind every high quality security gates is the technology driving them. Their ease of operation durability and dependability is directly related to the sophistication, accuracy and installation of their gate motor system.

Gate motors are usually installed in Midrand residential and industrial areas such as homes, plots, farms, offices and warehouses. There is a wide variety of gate motors typical installed in Midrand and its sorrounding suburbs etc Centurion gate motors, Gemini gate motors, ET gate motors and DTS gate motors. Midrand gate motors and its specialists are on hand to share their professional expertise and to guide customers in choosing an electric or sliding gate motor suited to your gate. Midrand gate motors will also continue to offer best in class sliding gate motor operators and swing gate motors that don’t disturb the early morning tranquility along the streets of Midrand.


Make sure you choose the right swing and sliding gate motors of your Midrand gates.

When home owners decide to install a remote controlled gate motor, they usually dream up a checklist of what type, brand, model and finish to choose of couse these are important decisions when a gate has to blend in with a private residence or will be the first thing greeting customers outside your property. However choosing a superior sliding or swing gate motors for Midrand homes and commercial gate motors is as essential.

Sliding gates are also used to maneuver gates protecting Midrand commercial properties and on gates in front of the retail shops, plots, hotels and offices. There are a variety of sizes and models to choose from, therefore Midrand gates specialists makes sure customers know those choose an operator establishment suited to their gates. For example clients might actually need a swing gate motor which are only used for swing gates. These operators are perfect for swinging driveway gates such as those around a garage parking area shared by multiple family housing unit. Each operator comes with a personal control box. Swing and sliding gate motors for Midrand feature adjustable speed, different voltages and phases fail secure modes for gate operation in case of an power failure integral antrapment sensing systems with digital set points for accurate adjustment and enhance safety, thermal protection to guard the motor from overheating in case of overload or high frequency operation and much more.

While a swing and sliding gate motors purchased will probably come with a DIY installation guide, they should only be fitted by a professional. In fact Midrand gate motors does all its gates and gate motors installation. There are several reasons for this. Firstly it is imperative for an expert to check that the operator is a appropriate for the construction and the type of gate installed. Secondly a gate must be completely level and slide freely all the way before installing the operator. If it does not slide freely the operator will not slide freely the operator will perform correctly and the units life span will be greatly shortened. This will also mean customers have to waste money on future replacements. Thirdly the gate should be designed so that airflow is ample to prevent the wind resistance and drag, which places the gate motor under unnecessary stress. For this reason, Midrand gate motors always gives customers a free estimate before determining the appropriate gate motor model to be used. Forthly the company places the utmost importance of complete customer service suppers this means from the point of gates and gate motors installation.Our mission is to provide swing and sliding gate motors to our Midrand gate motors customers that are designed for smooth, secure and reliable gate motor systems for years to come.

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Beyond the simplicity and convenience of opening and closing your gate with a remote control without having to leave your vehicle, electric gate motors have additional advantages over that of manual gates .Gate motors eliminates the struggle with large and heavy manual gates that many people encounter. A simple press of a button on a remote control allows access .Visitors usually use an intercom at the gateway to contact you before you let them in ,this helps prevent unwanted guests. On the security front gate motors have irreversibly geared motors making it difficult for burglars to force open the gates ,fitting a maglock ensures maximum protection and even greater security.

Contact us if you need help tracking down the right products for your gate automation or needs expert advice on risk assessment and safe gate motor installations. Our professional team of repairers and installations technicians will help you choose the convenient elegant gate that will change the way you or ether use your home or business.

In case of emergency we promise immediate 24 hour response. Rest assured that problematic parts are fixed right away since keep our service cars fully equipped

At Midrand gate motor repairs ,we are a dynamic gate motor installation and repairs company that keeps up with the ever changing market demands .Our customers are the most important aspects of our business ,we keep things simple and have the flexibility to offer the personal touch to our before and after service services.

Our team of highly qualified gate motor repairers are standing by to fix any issues you may be having with your gate motor. We have ample experience fixing every kind of problem .Rather than try and resolve the problem yourself let us fix it for you ,we are specialists in gate motor repairing.

Gemini gate motor repairs and installation in Midrand


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Our technical support team offer sound advice and will talk you our customer through all areas of set up installation, troubleshooting and every other step on the way. Our technical team is a large ,strong team with a high interest in what they are instructing and will always pay a lot of attention to customer service and support .Not only do you get all this with giving the job but its free ,so when you need that help there will be no extra costs


  • Stiffness of the gate when trying to open or close
  • The gate scrapping along the ground
  • Rust on the hinges
  • Loose gate poles
  • Gate making rattle sounds
  • Gate motor not moving at all
  • Gate motor closing halfway and opening halfway
  • Gate motor opening but not closing
  • Gate motor not responding to remotes

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