We proudly offer all gate motor repairs, maintenance and installation services in Centurion, Clubview, The reeds, Valhalla, Highveld, Doringkloof, Irene, Wierdapark, Eldoraigne, Pierre Ryan Veld and Rooihuiskraal.


As leading gate motor repairers in Centurion and Wierda park, Wise gate motors and electrical is able thoroughly check the gate motor machines and isolate problems by providing relevant tests. From here, we can diagnose the issue and offer solutions in the form of electric gate motor repairs or replacement of parts.

Our Gate motor repairs Centurion is a trusted Centurion gate motor installation and repair company, known for quality gate motor installation projects and superior gate motor repairs. We offer prompt expert electric gate motor repair services for homes and businesses, with available sameday and emergency gate motor repairs.

For 2 decades, we have not stopped at perfectionism. Gate motor repairs Centurion is the leading company when it comes to dependable gate motor repairers.We pride ourselves in being steps ahead of our competitors by offering quality gate motor repair services while endorsing trustworthy, fairness and security to residents and commercial properties around Centurion.

Gate motor repairs Centurion have completed more than 50 000 residential and commercial gate motor projects in Centurion, let us add you to that number. Our team of experts are ready to help you in every new gate motor installation and repairs. Wether your test reflects todays modern soft living or classic, we have skill set and experience to execute your dream of giving an attractive look to your home.

From new installation, maintenance and gate motor repairs. Our gate motor repairers have the knowledge and expertise to execute any gate motor project masterfully. We will not only make your home attractive but also lucrative, substantialy increases the resale value.

Gates repairs in Centurion

Centurion gate motor repair works hand in hand with home owners, factories, warehouse, plots and farms to develop gate repair services that meet their needs.We develop an in depth understanding of the unique gate motor requirements and special challenges presented by your property. As a home owner in Centurion you will also have confidence of knowing that our fast, responsive 24/7 service is available to you at all times, meaning property owners and residents will experience only limited service interruptions.

Better still our high level of expertise means we can not only fix gate motor problems quickly when they arise, but also help you plan ahead upgrading gate motor systems before they fail to avoid service interruptions. You will also rest easy knowing that you won’t have to call multiple gate motor repairers when you have a problem. Gate motor repairs Centurion can handle all of your electric gate repair new gate motor installation needs. Our experienced gate motor specialists are a number one choice for home owners in Centurion, Zwartkop, Rooihuiskraal Irene, The reeds, Wierda park, Club view and Lyttelton.



Access control is an automated gate system that is used to control who has access to your property.

These gates comes in many types, including swing, sliding, boom, and Cantilever gates and more. Wise gate motors specializes is access control systems can be utilized for residential and commercial properties and can come equipped with accessories to add extra security.


D5 smart

Automatic gate motors are perfect for opening and closing swing gates. Swing gate motors are available in various types and different voltages, horsepower and phases and can have any impact on how your gate operates. In cooperation with other access devices, the operators provide security, convenience and prestige. You must take into consideration the type of gate weight, length and cycles of use.

Automatic gate motors are easy to use. Simple push the remote button to send a radio frequency code to your automated gate. We also sells programmable remotes which can integrate with a controller, allowing you to provide individual codes to each transmitter for tracking usage and managing time zones. Gate motors can be attached to your car’s visor in the same manner as a garage door opener.

At Centurion gate motor repairs, we understand the need for safe and secure environments. We strive to ensure your gate motor investment will protect your family for many years, offering customizable automated gate systems, with many features and automated vate systems with many features and automated gate accessories to accen your lifestyle.

Facilities such as air port, business premises, government buildingsneeds highest level security available on the market. These premises can not afford to let any intruded gain entrance.

Benefits of Access Control and automatic gates


Gate motors and access control systems are your first security defense for your property. Intruders will be deterred from entering your property. Adding a camera and intercom at your gate allows you to to decide who comes on to your home.


Gate motor repairs Centurion is adamant about following safety standards to ensure that your automatic gate system is installed and maintained properly. Proper installation and maintenance will not only protect your gate and operator from damage, but will also protect any visitors from being harmed on your property.


With an automated gate access control system, you will be able to stop solicitors and unwanted guests before they get to your door. Automatic driveway gates in residential areas can give you a sense of privacy from nearby neighbors and busy streets. For business and commercial properties extra privacy can be added with signage.


A gate of any kind can enhance your property appeal, but gate motor repairs Centurion can provide gates that not only boost your home appeal, but also protect. We are able ro customize any gate to fit the aesthetic of your home or business.


By boosring your home or business with a gate motor, your property value will increase. Wether you in the market to sell now or in the future extra security will be beneficial to your property.


Some insurance carriers will provide a smaller premium if your home has an added security defence such as sliding gate motors and swing gate motors. Insurance understands that your secure property has smaller chance of being a victim of theft or damage.


Fast, professional, fully trained and committed to customer service, Gate motor repairs Centurion has thrived in the highly competitive Centurion gate motor market for decades. Thanks not only to our expertise when handling gate motor installation projects but also willingness to respond quickly when emergency arise.

The goal of our company is to contribute to overall security of your property by providing great gate motor solutions and above all great gate motor repair services. Our mobile fleet team of centurion gate motor repairs allow us to repair your gate immediately, same day gate motor repairs and 24/7 emergence gate motor repairs. By providing excellent products and having the capacity and experienced to install and repair electric gate motors we can insure safety, security and daily convenience.

Our sameday emergency gate motor repairs doesn’t choose, whether the motor is hit by lightning, broken gate wheels, swing gate motor or sliding gate motor any model or brand , we fix all the problems. Our mobile gate motor repairs services team guarantee an accurate diagnosis and a smoothly operating gate within the shortest period of time while still maintaining the highest level of quality work and security.


  • New Centurion gate motor installation
  • Centurion D5 smart gate motor supply
  • Centurion gate motor repairs
  • D5 evo gate motors supply
  • Gemini gate motor repairs
  • Gemini gate motor supply
  • Gemini gate motor installations
  • ET gate motor repairs
  • ET gate motor installations
  • ET gate motor supply
  • DTS gate motor repairs
  • DTS gate motor installations
  • Gate motor battery replacement
  • Gate motor battery supply
  • Gate motor power supply replacement
  • Gate motor remotes deleting
  • Gate motor replacement and supply
  • Gate motor gearbox refurbishments
  • Gate motor remotes programming
  • Sherlotronic remotes supply and programming
  • Sentry remotes programming and supply
  • Gate motor cover replacement
  • Gate motor rail and track refurbishments
  • Gate wheels replacement
  • Gate motor pinion replacement
  • Gate motor doss /pickup sensor replacement
  • Safety beams supply and installation
  • Gate motor PCB repairs and replacement
  • Gate motor mother board repairs and replacement
  • Gate motor limits setting
  • Gate motor upgrades
  • Gate motor maintenance
  • GSM device supply and installation
  • G speak supply and installation
  • Receivers connection
  • Electric cable wiring
  • Broken gear box replacement
  • Gate motor fault findings
  • Loop detractor supply and installation
  • Gate motor magnet replacement
  • Gate motor rack replacement
  • Gate rack adjustment

We are committed to offering our clients only the best in first class gate motor installation and quality services.

All the above gate motor services are offered around Centurion, The reeds, Wierda park,Zwartkop, Clubview, Lyttleton and sorrounding suburbs.

Gemini gate motors supply and replacement in Centurion

Centurion swing gate motors
Centurion D 10 industrial gate motor repairs

Residential Electronic Gates

We can offer residential electronic gates for houses of many sizes. We discuss the defferent designs and specifications available and the various colours you can choose from. If you would like details regarding the options we have available when it comes to residential electric gates in Centurion, please contact us.

It is highly recommended to maintain your domestic entrance gate motors to ensure you increase the longevity of the products. Some Centurion and Gemini gate motors will need more maintenance. Metal sliding and swing gate motors can rust over time and wooden gates can rust over time and wooden gate ways can rot if not maintained properly.

We offer gate and gate motor maintenance advice and repair services if necessary. For more information on residential electronic gate maintenance and repair, please fill in your details using our enquiry form and shall respond.

Gate Access Control System Centurion

There are a number of gate access control systems to choose from. If you are interested in having our electric gate installers in Centurion to install Centurion D5 smart or Centurion D5 evo gate motors with keypads, Beams and Intercoms, we can help. We might also offer gate motors with remotes, tags and loop detractors and finger prints.

It is completely up to you on the gate motor systems you decide to have to access your gateway. Our team can offer advice if necessary in order to remain within your spending budget. We also offer electric gate motor repairs if necessary since they might break overtime.

Centurion Security Access gates

We offer security offer security access gates for a number of different purposes. Whether you are looking for residential gateways or you would like to limit access for people at commercial property, we may be of assistance.

It is important to check that the company you use is aware of all the health and safety aspects surrounding security access gates to ensure nobody gets hurts once the commercial or residential gates are installed.

As experts in the gate industry, we make certain that our gate motors are installed to a top standard.

It is necessary to carry out maintenance to ensure your entrance looks of good quality throughout the lifetime. If you find that the remote, keypads or tags are not working overtime, our expert team can offer specialist help to make certain the security access is working again


  • Gate motor does not respond to remote controls
  • Gate moves a short distance and stops
  • Gate moves with difficulty
  • Gate motor does not close or open
  • Gate motor is totally off
  • Gate motor is opening but not closing
  • Gate making a grinding sound when moving
  • Gate moving very slowly
  • Gate move halfway and stops
  • Gate motor moves but not moving the gate
  • Gate motor making moving sounds but pinion doesn’t move
  • Gate motor opening by itself
  • Gate motor opening and closing by itself without being triggered
  • RackRack missing the pinion gear
  • Gate motor not taking limits
  • Gate hitting the endstop bard
  • Gate gearbox leaks oil

Gate/Gate motor maintenance Centurion

  1. Lubricate your gate wheels every 3 months
  2. Clean all the unwanted grass underneath your gate rail
  3. Change your gate wheels every 2 years



Centurion D5 evo

One of the best light industrial sliding gate motor in industry. For over 10 years now Centurion D5evo have been serving home owners with its user friendly features. Centurion D5 evo gate motor is South Africa’s favorite gate and the best gate motor to provide the ultimate in security.


Centurion D5 smart the intelligent choice. The Centurion D5 smart is making home onwers enjoy coming home every time , thats making life easy. With D5 smart Centurion Systems believe that they have created a product that is very embodiment of this mission statement. With unsurpassed convinience and control at your fingertips, you will love using the D5 smart. Centurion D5 smart is fhe perfect balance between security and safety with a top speed of up to 36 meters per minute.


Domestic gemini gate motor

Gemini 12v gate motor can be used on a normal 4 meters gate or 6 meters palasade gate that open and close 30 times a day, with a pull force of 10kg.The operator is a 12 v 7ah battery. The unit comes with 2x remotes, baseplate learning stoppers, instruction manual and 50ml oil to be put into the gearbox before operation. There is a one year guarantee on electrical and electronic components and two yeara on the mechanical parts and workmanship.

We offer repairs on all manufactured Gemini gate motors from the first launched motors up until the latest releases. Replacements parts are readily available.

D10 CENTURION smart gate motor
Centurion NOVA remote
Centurion receiver


Centurio Phaton beams

Safety has never been so quick and easy thanks to wireless technology. Introducing Centurion Photon infrared gate safety beams with a wireless transmitter, Photon makes short work of achieving a safe automation system for even the most challenging of installations. With a wireless transmitter there’s no need to tunnel under the driveway. Simply align, attach and you are away


A gate motor mother board is the brain of the motor, all the gate information is stored inside the PC board. Remotes, limits are programmed inside the motherboard.


Gemini gate motors supply and replacement in Centurion

We specialize in providing our customers with customized longstanding products that look great and functional reliability on residential, commercial and Industrial applications. We have any amazing team of people and know that your experience with us matters every step of the way.We pride ourselves on being a part of your solution by providing the best quality products available today .

Our installation and service team is dedicated to providing quality services and products by ensuring total customer satisfaction ,one customer at a time.We have a strong reputation for offering high quality work in regards to installations of gate automation as well as offering good quality services on existing gate motor system where maintanance or repair is needed.We pride ourselves for going above and beyond on servicing gate entrance .It is our goal to leave your site in better shape than when arrived .

We provide service thorough and detailed service with a high attention to detail and make sure that we give the best recommendations. Our goal is to provide long lasting solutions


We service and maintainance for commercial security gate motors in Centurion. At Gate motor repairs Centurion, we offer comprehensive gate motor servicing, replacements and installations, including quick response times in the case of emergency gate motor breakdowns. And you dont have to be using the gate motor we initially installed to take advantage of our Centurion gate motor services, we will happily maintain and service any type of gate motor products to the highest standards.

If you take advantage of our gate motor repairers we make it our responsibility bto ensure your Centurion gate motor is in good working condition everyday. All our gate motor repair services, force testing for automated gates. A certificate of conformity is also provided on completion for you to be sure of the quality of the servicing and maintenance work carried out.


We have been providing electric gate motor repairs and installation to houses, business owners and educational institutions for a very long time. Our technicians are some of the best in the business when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing potential Centurion gate motor safety issues or performance issues. However, we are also quick to respond to sudden gate motor failure, which is adversely affect the business and homes regular schedule and safety. As a gate motor company, we pride ourselves on offering professional, affordable and quick repair services that institutions can rely on when needed. So consider us a one stop solution for all your residential and commercial gate motor repairs and installation needs. We even offer remote gate automatic gate log on systems so that our technicians can diagnose gate motor faults remotely.

Centurion competitive priced gate motor services

As a gate motor company, we have made sure that our customers are treated to a professional yet affordable service. Our maintenance and gate motor repairs services are not the cheapest on the face of it, but our experienced senior gate motor technicians save your money in the long term, by fixing problems first time, saving you having to repeat call outs for the same problem.

This quality of service means we are actually more cost effective over the course of a year. Wether you need us for one time gate motor installations or choose to use us in a long run, we assure you of the very best service and quality.

We fix and service the Centurion electric gate motors

Unfortunately, the electric gates motor is overlooked by many because it is assumed that they can last for many years without needing maintenance. The motoe in gate motors and electric gates is an essential part of the system since it is responsible for opening and closing the gate when needed. Proper gate motor maintenance is key to ongoing reliability of the gate system.

Whether you have a gates installed or any other, our team makes sure to examine the primary and secondary motors. The goal is to determine if they are operating optimally and if not then find the issue to fix it. If the motor is found to be losing power because of age, wear or any other issue, we will often recommend that it be replaced. Replacing the gate motor ensures that the gate motor continues to operate optimally without unexpected failure, which could often require extensive repairs.

Electric Gate motor repairs Centurion

Professional gate motor repairs is imperative to the safety and security of your family and business. We have a team of gate motor automation, repair and installation specialists that are just one call away. Whether you need quick repairs, have an immediate maintenance request, or require an annual inspection, you can be assured of our prompt response. Feel free to call our electric gate experts today for a quote.


Beams sensors are what the gate motor use in order to detect obstacles in its way. This type of feature is absolutely vital for automatic gates, without it the system can end up closing on a person or vihicle. The lenses of the sensors can get damaged or covered with dirt, which can get prevent them from working properly. Another common issue is sensor misalignment. If they aren’t set to face each other correctly, or if they get knocked out of alignment, you may find your sliding gate keeps opening back up, or not closing up every time you try to close it


There is a number of different ways for you to control your automatic gate motors. The first oldest way is the remotes controls, same call them keys.You have to remember to take it with you and makes sure not to lose it. Another option is to have a wireless keypad installed. All you will need to do is input the correct password and your gate will react as if you said open. Then there is modern methods called GSM opening a gate by calling it on your smart phone. You can open your gate even if you are far away but still in south Africa.


It is always an inconvenience when your gate motor system breaks down. Sometimes the gate will stop due to power black out other times it will be due to a problem with the gate or gate motor system.

  • Check your remote batteries
  • Check your beams if they are are clicking
  • Check your gate power point, if is still plugged in or damaged by plugging a working power tool or electrical tester.
  • Inspect the gate for any physical damage ie if it is a sliding gate , it has come off its track you may be able to lift it back on.
  • Ensure your gate railing track is clear of stones, bedris as your sliding gate motor will get stuck, if it senses abstruction.


We provide installation services, upgrades and repair services should your gate system need them. Our team can fix all top brands and latest models so that we’re always able to offer our clients the very best gate motor solutions in Centurion.

We specialize in gate automation in Centurion. We aim deliver safe, smart and reliable operator systems with long systems with long lasting performance. Equipped with a Centurion D5 smart powered with electricity or solar powered. The ultra quiet electric gate motor will automatically open and close your gate , and bring your family an easier and more comfortable life.

Wide applications designed for all types of driveway sliding gates made by steel, wood, vinly. Typical application includes residential, commercial, courtyard, farm and ranch. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, take just a few hours to finish the whole project. With commonly available tools, no extra welding, no high voltage connections, the installation is quite straightforward when following our step by step instructions. Fully mounting hardware is included.

Multiple protection adopting advanced tokens code, the remotes perfectly prevent unauthorized access. Our unique feature mid way mode allows the gate open partially for coming vehicles. The safety stop and reverse module is activated in case of an obstructions during gate opening and closing. The auto – close function ultimately secures the property after you leave. Soft start and soft stop protect the gate motor for long outdoor use


Centurion Gemini gate motors

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