We specialize in electric fence repairs and installation around Centurion. Electric fencing systems are the ultimate perimeter security solution that deter and detects criminal activity.

All Electric Fence are custom designed and constructed to suit individual site requirements and clients needs.

Our Electric fence security systems are designed to comply with the the highest international safety and design standards, offering the most effective intruder intruders deterrent and in the safety possible way.

Centurion Electric fencing and security integration enables clients to deter and detect criminal interference attempts without the intruders becoming aware using electronic security sensors which provide live awareness of events at the perimeter.

This solution further enlables clients to receive data insights and security alerts relating to their perimeter security defence such as reporting on fence voltage levels, wire tension, specific zone alarm data and operator use reporting.

Centurion electric fence repairs are proven loss prevention solution and effective deterent that prevents or delays intruders. Centurion gate motor repairs constructs Electric Fence that are highly reliable, very difficult to bypass and can operate effectively within the harshest of global environment conditions.

These advanced perimeter solutions are specifically suited to the most rigorous requirements of high security sites. Electric Fences are reliable, cost effective and high value solutions that reduces risk and generates return on investment.

We deliver Nemtec Electric fencing systems and advanced perimeter security solutions. Most of our electric fence material are manufactured by Nemtec.

Centurion Electric fence repairs is one of the most experienced electric fence providers in Pretoria, specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of electric fencing solutions systems for residential homes, business properties and Plots throughout Centurion. As a result, we have delivered some of the largest electric fencing projects in Centurion.

We are proud to protect all our valued clients in Centurion area which includes The reeds, Clubview, Rooihuiskraal, Eldoraigne, Wierdapark, Sunderland ridge, Lyttleton, Laudium and Valhalla.

Please contact one of our experienced Team to help with your Electric fence needs.

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New eelectric fence installations in Centurion

We offer a installation service for larger permanent fence systems, using our team of experienced fence contractors. The service covers installing electric fence wires, electric fence insulators, Energizer and earthing, but erection of your walltop to support the Poles. As part of our installation service we will guarantee the fence against faults for one year, offering free return visits to correct any problems. We do charge for installation usually by day or meter. We will of course give you a comprehensive quote for job before hand. We have a team of experienced fencing contractors who can erect your fence to the highest standard. We will guarantee the fence if we erect it ourself against any initial faults or problems.

Electric fencing is one of the most effective deterents to threat and crime. We specialize in installing high quality, high security electrical fencing made according to strict regulatory standards. Centurion electric fence repairs solutions protect you and your property containing a safe yet deterring electric shock to dissuade intruders and animals. Perfect for holding a large security perimeter making electric fences a great choice for plots, homes and commercial premises.

Centurion electric fence repairs

Our selection of electric fencing systems include the Guard Tower electric fence system and induced pulse system but we can also provide any tailor made electric fence system to meet individual requirements which includes defining your electric fencing requirements and ensuring that your electric fencing installation is safe, secure and robust.

Electric fence rewiring and repairs Centurion

A quality effective electric fence requires more than just right products. Correct installation and set up is an important factor in making sure you electric fence is maintenance free and long lasting.


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Electric fencing solutions



The need for higher levels of security and peace of mind growing g rapidly in Centurion.When the fence is fully operational, it does not sleep and is your effective early warning device to keepi g unwanted criminals out by the means of a siren sounding if the electric is tempered with or breached


An electric fence is a physical barrier and is extremely effective intruder deterrent as it in your face.Seeing the electric fence sign body’s only can scare off intruders.


A high voltage shock combined with a physical barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence .By keeping the perimeter protected using electric fence ,the attempted break in of the protected area is delayed giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.

*Electric fencing system gives you peace of mind ,knowing your house is safe from unwanted intruders.Electric fencing will drastically improve the safety and security of your family ,home,business and property against those unwanted intruders.

We are experts in electric fence installation and repairs for both residential and commercial properties. Our electric fence products come from the greatest security fence manufacturers and that’s why we can guarantee excellent quality materials and first class electric fencing .The most important thing is that you can be sure of the installation skills of our electric fence installers.We make sure it is installed with the right specifications, the electric fence system satisfies your needs.We are the best electric fence installers and repairs.We have many years of experience and even more happy customers to back us up.If you want a job done right you need us.


New electric fence installations Centurion

Free standing electric fence installations Centurion

Walltop electric fence installations Centurion

Electric fence repairs Centurion

Electric fence poles/brackets mounting

Broken electric fence brackets replacements

Partial rewiring

Rust wires /broken wires replacements

Battery replacements

Energezer repairs

Energizer replacements

Energizer connections

Earth spikes installations

Lighting protector installations

Wire straining

Tensioners replacement

Gate contactor’s installations

Live and earth wire monitoring



  • Walltop electric fencing

This type of fence normal works where there is already any existing wall ,it does not matter the type of durawall , whether a pallasade,Brick wall ,clayville or wooden.As the name suggest ,this fence will be mounted on top of the wall to prevent intruders from climbing over .


  • Free standing electric fencing

This electric fence work without a wall ,mostly on the clear ground.


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