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Electric gate motor repairs Pretoria East are well established gate motor repairs specialists based in Pretoria east, working in Pretoria east and sorrounding suburbs.Pretoria east gate motors supply, installs and repairs all varieties of commercial and residential sliding automatic gate motors. Our gate motor technicians have professional expertise servicing residential and commercial gates of all types, installing gate motors with unparalleled precision.

Centurion gate motors

Our gate and gate motor installation team comes with high levels of experience, always providing our clients with a superior installation experience with custom made gates installed from top to bottom with all gate accessories, entrance systems and even welding services provided.

Our team can install all varieties of gate, including

  • Sliding gates installation and repairs
  • Roll up gates installation and repairs
  • Swing gates installation and repairs
  • Mesh gates installation and repairs
  • Palasade gates installation and repairs
  • Manually operated gates installation and repairs
  • Centurion gate motors installation and repairs
  • Gemini gate motors installation and repairs
  • ET gate motors installation and repairs
  • DTS gate motors installation and repairs
  • Driveway gates installation and repairs
  • Automatic gates installation and repairs
  • Entrance gates installation and repairs
  • Remote gates installation and repairs
  • Residential gates installation and repairs

Our technicians are available on a 24/7 basis, providing our commercial clients with complete coverage, we make it a priority to ensure your total satisfaction with work well done and pay custom attention to ensuring all ot your property operational needs are matched.

Full Service Gate repair in the Pretoria east area

Pretoria eeast gate motor supply and replacement

Gates and gate motors are complicated pieces of machinery, with tons of operational variabilities based on individual components, meaning that there are multiple ways that gate motors can mulfuction. Luckily Pretoria East Gate Motors provides repair services for many varieties of industrial and residential gate motors and provides instant solutions for most gate issues across the board. Contact Pretoria east gate motors today for all of your gate repair needs.

Gate/gate motor installation Pretoria east

Centurion D5 evo gate motors repair, installation, supply and replacement

Pretoria east gate motor repairs can be relied upon to provide the highest quality gate motor installation services throughout the Pretoria east area to commercial and residential clients.

Pretoria east gate motors can be trusted upon to provide quality gate installation services through out Pretoria east area to residential and commercial facility. Our professional gate installation technicians can assist you in determining what variety, size of gate motor would work best for your specific location needs providing custom gate installation service from beginning to the end. Including many entrance systems and gate accessories, including welding services. Our team will install your gate, bolster it in place and improve the practical functionality aesthetic appearance and security of your property.

We provide gate motor installation and also supply gate motors for applications, from motorized gates and driveway gates to sliding gates. Our gate motor installation services is available during the course of the day and always for a fair, reasonable and budget friendly rate.

We have an established reputation in Pretoria east for providing the highest quality, most efficient and highest bang for you buck value of motor installation service in Pretoria east area when you work with us , we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our motor service well done.

Reasons For Not Delay gate motor repairs and installation around Pretoria east

Centurion D5 smart supply, repair, upgrade and installation

It doesn’t take long when talking to a business owner who has a gate that has broken to find out all the problems it causes. It can quickly cost them money, time and tremendous frustration. The house owner can imagine the frustration of having a broken gate or gate motor, sometimes broken gate wheels, or in some way stuck. These reasons make it imperative to not delay gate repair and installation.

Reliable gate motor repairs and installation

Whenever a house owner uses a gate motor they will understand its a necessity. The installation is the starting place for making sure that it functions properly. The only way to ensure to ensure it works correctly and lasts is to have it installed by an experienced technician. Getting a company such as Pretoria east gate motors who has been in business for more than a decade is the best way of ensuring that a property get high quality installation from experienced technicians.

Centurion D5 smart gate motor supply and installation Pretoria east


Our gate motor installers team can turn most types of manual gates /handpushed gates into electrically remote controlled gate systems specific to your needs. Then it can be controlled with Card reader, Loop detector, Keypad system, remotes controls and phone calls.

Our gate motor installers insure that the gate is properly installed and complies with all safety regulations. We sell, fix and supply, replace old gate motors, and repair most types of sliding and swing gate motors. Gate motor installations Pretoria east will help you find the perfect electric gate motor for your gate and then install it for you.

With more than a decade of experience behind us we can safely say something, any work we do, we do it at our highest standard. If you are looking for a customized electric gate motor in Pretoria East, you have found the best place We offer the right gate motor for every sliding gate. It doesn’t matter if it is for a residential or commercial place. We have the right gate motor for you.


We take pride in everything we do when install a gate motor. We have been leader in gate motor repair and installation services around Pretoria East for over 10 years and our work speaks for us.

Electric gate motors are categorized by the amount of traffic the gate motor is expected to manage. The size of the gate, number of opening and mass of the gate are also determining factors. An operator equipped to handle the volume of cycles for a single family residence is not powerful as those specified for commercial use. There are even varying grades of operators within both categories to best accommodate the deferent demands of each type of application.



Sliding gates are terrific resource for business or homes in need of a secure barrier, especially if the entry way is large. When closed, a slide gate is a formidable boundary. When open, its conveniently out of sight, out of mind.

With sliding gates, the actual gate itself is stored against the rest of the perimeter fence, thus better protecting the gate when its opened. 2 wheels will be mounted at the bottom of the sliding gate and then positioned to roll on the angle iron or round bar depending on the types of gate wheels you use.


  • Centurion D5 evo gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion vantage swing gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion D5 old gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion remotes programming Pretoria east
  • Centurion receiver connections Pretoria east
  • Centurion gate motor battery replacement Pretoria east
  • Centurion Swing vector gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion D5 smart gate repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion D10 gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Centurion D5 smart gate motor installation Pretoria east
  • Centurion D5 evo gate motor installation Pretoria east
  • Centurion swing gate motor installation Pretoria east
  • Gemini gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Gemini 24v gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Gemini 12v gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • Gemini gate motor installations Pretoria east
  • ET gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • ET gate motor installations Pretoria east
  • DTS gate motor repairs Pretoria east
  • DTS gate motor installation Pretoria east
  • DTS remotes programming Pretoria east
  • DTS gate motor battery Pretoria east
  • Gate motor PC board repairs Pretoria east
  • Gate motor PC board replacement Pretoria east
  • Gate motor battery replacement Pretoria east
  • Gate motor Rack adjustment Pretoria east
  • Gate motor rack replacement Pretoria east
  • Gate motor replacement Pretoria east
  • Gate motor refurbishments Pretoria
  • Sentry remotes programming Pretoria east
  • Sherlotronic remotes programming Pretoria east
  • Intercom system replacement Pretoria east
  • Intercom system repairs Pretoria east
  • Gate motor gearbox refurbishments Pretoria east
  • Doss sensor /count sensor replacement Pretoria east
  • Rail refurbishments Pretoria east
  • Gate motor power supply replacement Pretoria east


We install, repair, upgrade and replace Centurion D5 smart gate motor around Pretoria east. A lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the D5 smart Centurion gate motor is not only exceptionally good looking, but provides the best experience for installers and homeowners. Centurion D5 smart is suitable for residential use, gates that are not more than 500kg. The gate motor limits programming, remotes programming , beams commissioning is done on a smart phone. That means you can control your residential gate motor through your phone. Our D5 smart gate motor new installation are carried out by trained and experienced gate motor specialists in Pretoria east. They go through the installation process with you a.If there is something you need to know or to be done, to make your gate security tighter you can ask for some advice.

We specialize in Linear swing gate motor repairs, supply and installation around Pretoria east. Sleek, stylish, secure and strong swing gate motors for domestic and industrial use. Boasting tough as nail, die cast aluminium construction throughout, a stainless steel warmshaft for the ultimate in reliability and durability and with sophisticated electronics for smooth, safe operation, Vantage swing gate motors gives everything you need to swing the future your way. These swing gate motors are battery driven, in case of power failures the motor will continue to operate for hours without a problem. Vantage Swing gate motor have a separate control box, with a power supply, battery, Pc board, you also connect electric power inside the box.

D5 evo – domestic and light industrial sliding gate motor. The evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for easy setup, not to mention a plethora of features all tailor made for ultimate in security and convenience, the D5 evo is the number 1 gate motor in Pretoria east, it simply has no compatition and no equal.

Centurion cellular intercom. Infuseed with the DNA of innovation, the G speak ultra allows wireless communication between the user and intercom gate station, effectively turning the homeowner phone into the intercom handset.

Smartguard air keypard. Cost effective and versatile wired and wireless keypad allows access to pedestrian

Centurion remotes controls, available in 1 to 4 button variants. Code hopping remotes.

Centurion wireless safety beams


We undertake all types of gate motor installation and repairs, from small domestic, to major industrial gate motors. Wether you require a small repair, adjustment or complete new gate motor installation, gates, railing and automation, we are available to discuss your precise requirements.

Gate motor repairs don’t always start with good pictures. They usually show gates that are broken or out of rail or stuck in a position. So below are some images of us fixing some of common gate motor problems we are called to dela with. Repairs, gate motor replacement, we do it all.whatever electric gate problem you have, we have the solution. You are in safe hands

We are professionals and have been in the business of repairing Electric gates for over 15 years. You can be assured we offer an unbeatable, fast and efficient electric gate motor repairs and maintenance services, in Pretoria east with our mobile units.

Our gate motor repairers are specially qualified to repair any type of electric gate or motorised gate motor.

Areas we operate

  • Pretoria east
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