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Pretoria east gate motors repairs have been installing, replacing and repairing gate motors for the past two decades around Pretoria east. We specialize in electric gate motor repairs, electric gates installation, gate motor repairs, gate motor maintenance, gate motor services, gate motor upgrades, automatic gate motor repairs, gate motor supply and installation, remote gate repairs, remote gate motor services, gate motor fixing, driveway gate motor repairs and installation, gate automation, gate openers, gate motor replacements, gate motor selling, gate motor installation and automation services around Pretoria east.

D5 smart Centurion gate motor repairs and installation in Pretoria east

Centurion swing gate motor supply and installation Pretoria east

We do gate motor repairs, gate motor services, upgrades, replacements and installations near Pretoria east. Our gate motor repairers and installers in Pretoria east, are here to keep your gate in full working order. Pretoria east gate motors repairs services Garsfontein, Faerie glen, Waterkloof, Mooikloof, Mooiplaats, Brooklyn Moreleta park and other suburbs around Pretoria east

When you are looking for the best in gate motor repairs, services, upgrades, replacement and installation providers in Pretoria east, come to Electric gates repairs Pretoria east. Backed by decades in the industry and commitment to the highest safety standards, we are proud to be the leading gate motor repairs and installers in Pretoria east. Our gate motor repairers not only repairs and install gates, but also we personally service every gate automation system we supply. Thats why when you are looking for residential, commercial or industrial gate motors in Pretoria east, we are the company to call.


From gate motor supply to repair services Electric gate motor repairs Pretoria east does it all. As the full service gate company in Pretoria east that works with both homeowners and businesses, we design, install and upgrade various gate motor systems.

GATE DESIGNS:Come to us with a need and we will design a solution and create just a right gate for your home is our specialty

GATE MOTOR INSTALLATIONS:Our trained and certified installers come to your home or facility and put in an on site gate solution thats right for you

GATE MOTOR SERVICE, Contact us about any issue with your gate, and we will respond within 1 hour of initial call. We offer a preventative maintenance program to help keep your gate looking and working like new.

GATE MOTOR UPGRADES :we can even work with existing gate motor systems, upgrading them to meet your needs and current safety codes

Centurion D10 gate motor repairs Pretoria east

Whether you want to make your residents, business or industrial location more secure Electric gate motor repairs Pretoria east can help you do it in a way that’s both effective and attractive. We offer gate motor systems that cater to the unique settings, so wether its on a personal estate or around corporate parking lot, each automated gate is sure to be ideal fit.


Gates wheels replacement in Pretoria east

Centurion D5 Smart gate motor Pretoria east.

D5 smart Centurion, the smart and intelligent choice in Pretoria east

When moments matters, the Centurion D5 smart gate motor gives you the best security for your gate with full throttle performance and lighting speed. This means less time waiting for your gate to open and close safeguarding you against tallgating a d getting you into and oit of you property safely and securely. With longer battery standby the Centurion D5 smart gate motor gives you certainty and peace of mind that you can always count on with uninterrupted security and convenience.Designed for speed and performance, crafted for excellence, ruggedly robust and endlessly innovative, our new sliding gate motor is smart sophistication at cutting edge.

Centurion D5 evo gate motors Pretoria east.

Tried, tested and perfected D5 domestic sliding gate motor Pretoria east

The evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent pull force and intelligent LCD controller for easy setup, not to mention a plethora of features all tailor made for ultimate in security and convenience, the Centurion D5 evo is the best gate motor in the market for the last 10years,it simply has no compatition and no equals.

Gemini 12v DC Domestic gate motor Pretoria east

Gemini 12v domectic sliding gate motor

The Gemini 12v DC domestic sliding gate motor is a self contained unit, which comprises of a single 12v direct current electrical motor that drives the rack pinion through a reduction gearbox. The base box is secured to the base plate, which in turn is cemented or to the concrete base. Gemini 12v gate motor is driven by a 12v 7 amp battery which give you backup in case of a power outage. Replacement parts are also available and its cheap and easy to maintain.

ET Drive Slide gate motor Pretoria east.

ET drive 500 gate motor Pretoria east

Robust aand reliable gate automation, High speed motor with removable brushes. It also have an advanced pc board with a large display for easy programming, diagnostic and fault reporting


Centurion D5 evo gate motors supply and replacement with anti theft bracket

We understand the process of installing ,repairing and upgrading gate motors.We are skilled and experienced in the installation of gate motors for business and homes.We also understand that a gate motor does not only showcase the attractiveness of your property ,it also offers security and protection to keep you and your family safe.Our team believes in innovation and creativity were constantly trying to improve our services and products that suit our client needs.

We offer fair quotes and our stuffs are courteous and reliable. Our installation are always done quickly without wasting time and we will clean the area before area before leaving your premises .We are insured ,bonded and licenced. No matter what your gate need contact us and we will take care of it.All of our pricing is highly competitive and honest with diagnostic and repair charge and we offer a year guarantee as a standards on parts and labour .We take care to leave customers homes in the in the same condition as when arrived.


Gemini industrial gate motor supply and installation repairs

If you don’t like the idea of dealing with electric gate motor problem maintenance is the solution. The secret to successful gate and gate motor maintenance is the expertise and dedication of the gate motor technicians. We take pride in sending out the most reliable qualified and skilled technicians in town. They are prepared and have years of field experience. And so they utilize their knowledge to inspect any type of gate and motor gate and find its problem before they become big issues. The meaning of regular gate motor and gate maintenance service is to prevent troubles and let the system run with easy.With all repair steps taken and proper lubrication , we take good care of your gate motor. So you won’t be faced with unexpected problem down the line. Schedule with us regularly and wave good by to you common problems.


Not all gates are the same ,they are made from different material ,different sizes and have different power access,open many times or only a few time a day and are subjected to all types of weather conditions. When it comes to choosing a gate motor system you will need a tried and tested team of our experts to help you out.

If you have a sliding gate or swing gate there is a possibility that you are going to need a different gate motor system.Sliding gate motor use a pinion and a rack .While a sliding gate needs a less complicated motor .Swing gate motor open and close using any arm.

Most gate motors are built to work for some amount of weight .If you have a wrought iron gate, it will be heavy .Its easy to get a gate motor macho e that can handle the weight. Making use of a high quality gate motor machines will make sure that the gate motor will work as designed and will continue to function for a long time.Thus avoiding the need for gate motor repairs in the future .You must always remember this when shopping for a gate motor.You can trust the professional at Wise gate motors to get the best recommendations that you need.

If you need a custom gate and gate motor for a commercial projects ,we are here to help you .We can work on gate and gate motors of ranches ,apartments, complexes as well as corporate campuses and factories.We are confident that when you hire us ,you will quickly realize how sincerely we take our promises.


If you have a particular old gate motor ,it may be time to consider replacing it with a more modern model .Newer models have a lot to offer you in terms of security and convenience .We work with leading gate motor brands like Centurion D 5 ego ,Gemini gate motors.



There are a number of different ways for you to control your automatic gate motor .The first and oldest method but popular one is the classic remote control. Of coarse you will have to remember to take it with you and make sure not to lose it.

The second is keypad system .Worried about losing your keys or remote or having them stolen?With keypad the key is on your head where only you have access to it .


There are many reasons that your gate motor and gate requires repairs and service. If your home is like most it receives heavy usage especially if you have large family. Although most home owners take their gate motor for granted these gates must be properly maintained if they are to remain problem free. Inclement weather or a new driver in the family who runs into the gate may also be the cause of problems for your gate.


You need Pretoria east gate motors repairs, if your driveway gates are making fun noise or struggling to pull the gate. Maybe they don’t move smoothly any more. Or your gate motor have completely stoped working? The last thing you need is for your gate motor to stop working when you’re on you way out or coming home. Its worse when its raining or early winter morning. At Gate motor repairs Pretoria east we understand your need to have your gate motor working all the time.

Gemini gate motor repairs Pretoria east

Gate mmotor problems can fall into many different categories and all of them make your lives harder and waste your time. They include,

  • Gate motor does not respond to remotes
  • Gate motor doesn’t open or close
  • Gate motor open but does not close
  • Gate making a grinding noise
  • Gate motor moving halfway and then stops
  • Gate motor making a moving sound but doesn’t move the gate
  • Gate opening by itself
  • Gate moving very slowly
  • Gate not moving when there is no electricity
  • Gate motor not disengageing
  • Oil leaks
  • Broken gate wheels
  • Broken gate motor pinion
  • Gate motor closing and opening by itself

We service all makes and models of gate and gate motors. We offer the highest quality service with the lowest guaranteed prices for all gate motor services and services.We provides quality gate repairs along with the installation and repair of gate motors for commercial and residential properties at competitive prices. Our technicians specialize in upgrading your gate with a motorized gate. As a premium provider of gate repairs and gate motor repairs, our goal is to help you keep your property safe and secure with the best products and smart technology.

If you need residential electric gate repairs in Pretoria east, you don’t need to look any further than us. We have built a reputation with our loyal clients for quality gate motor work reasonable prices and the almost standard in safety practices. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, with satisfaction, with safety and most updated technologies in the automation industry. Our gate motor technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable. We take pride in our work as top gate motor repairers. Let us show you why you can count on Pretoria east gate motor repairs, for all your home and industrial gate motor repairs.


Call or contact Electric gate motor repairs Pretoria east for home and commercial gates and electric gate motor installation and repairs. You need an experienced gate motor electrician who can handle your new gate motor installation in Pretoria east safety and reliably.

It’s crucial that your new gate motor is installed properly the first time, so don’t develop along the way such as risk of mulfuctions. Pretoria east homes gate motors that are not to code may not be covered by insurance in the event of any damage related to electrical problem. For this reason and many more,its important to only hire well trained gate motor technicians with experience in new gate and gate motor installation. Pretoria east gate motor is known for some of the best electric gate work in the area with a reputation for impeccable new gate installation and gate motor repairs as well as maintenance. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all areas of electric gates and we make safety and integrity our first priority with every job.

Our experienced gate motor technicians offer fast accurate electric gate repairs services. When you call us with a problem that needs to be solved our expert gate motor technician will be able to quickly troubleshoot that cause of the problem and provide you with the right solution.


Centurion D5 smart supply and installation

Gates are one of the most important security choices for any property owner. Since the emergency of electric gate motor repairs gaining access has been efficient and smooth. However just like any other machine out technology tends to face technical problems every once in a while. The downside of electric gates is the complex built it has. Therefore it is dangerous to repair yourself. This is why we suggest that you call on a professional emergency gate motor repair service experts like Pretoria east gate motor repairs. We can help repair and maintain your electric gates in no time anywhere in Pretoria east.


A rusted or malfunctioning electric gate leaves your property and loved ones valnurable to attacks. Non functioning electric gate motor are just like old school fences placed at the Ant ranch of your property.

A simple error or issue with electrical gate can make it easy for someone to break in. So it is advisable that you hire a professional to prevent further damages to yourself and your property. In Pretoria east everything has to be fast and convenient especially for business gates.

At Pretoria east gate motor we not only help you find a lasting solution to your gate issue. We also look for problems that might have escaped your attention. When you hire us for your emergency gate repairs, you are ensuring your safety with the best service session experts.

Expect your gate to look just as new once we are done. Electric gate provide a graded level of convinience, as it allows you to open and close the gates with the access of remote controls, swipe cards or keyboard systems. You don’t have to get down from your vihicles to open the gate as you can simple use remote controls to open the gate.


Our top goal for company services is to provide fast and reliable response time to any concerned customes. We understand how stressful it can be to run a company without proper security. We can contribute to the comfort of security throughout your property. Therefore by providing the best electric gate services and repairs we decided to work harder. Fast service requires immediate services and sameday maintenance around Pretoria east gate motor repairs.

We are a 24/7 emergency gate repairs company. As always we are organized, dependable and affordable for any property owners interest in coverage. Your needs our top priority and in best way possible we want to satisfy your concerns. Our team of experts provide you with excellent products and gate installations. Their expertise is one you can trust to install properly and repair electric gates. Daily convinience is what we want to offer you when you contact our gate motor installation company

Centurion D5 evo gate motor repairs and installation

Our gate motor services in Pretoria east

  • Gate motor repairs
  • Gate opener repairs
  • Electric gate repairs Remote repairs
  • Moterised gate repairs
  • Driveway gates repairs
  • Residential gates repairs
  • Sliding gates repairs
  • Automatic gates repairs
  • Sliding gate motor repairs
  • Swing gate motor repairs
  • Centurion gate motor repairs
  • Gemini gate motor repairs
  • ET ggate motor repairs
  • DTS gate motor repairs
  • Centurion vantage swing gate motor repairs
  • Gate motor supply
  • Swing gate motor supply
  • Sliding gate motor supply
  • Gate battery replacement
  • Gate wheels replacement
  • gate remotes supply
  • Setting gate motor limits
  • Gate motor replacement
  • Wireless beams replacement
  • Wireless beams installation
  • Safety beams supply and installation
  • Gate motor electrical connections
  • Gate motor refurbishments
  • Solar powered gate motor installation
  • Commercial gates repairs
  • Residential gates repairs
  • PC board repairs and replacement
  • Receivers replacements
  • Sentry remotes programming
  • Centurion remotes programming
  • Gemini remotes programming
  • Setting gate motor limits
  • Limit switches replacement
  • G switch repairs
  • G speak supply and installation
  • Gate rail refurbishments
  • Gate motor plastic rack replacement
  • Gate motor steal rack replacement
  • Swing gate hinges replacements
  • Gate motor broken covers replacements

If you are looking for a gate motor specialist near Pretoria east to repair, supply, upgrade or replace your gate motor, program your remote control or replace your old gate motor and remotes you have come to the right place, Pretoria east gate motors repairs is one of the best companies in the Pretoria east area. We repair and perform fresh installation for both sliding and swing gate motors and gate accessories from all major brands


GateshoX wheels

Steel gate wheels are mounted underneath sliding gates, allowing them to be easily moved. Sliding gates are prevelant in almost every home and business buildings in Pretoria


GateshoX has ergonomically evolved to be even more robust, durable and quiet. Ideal for high speed gates. GateshoX system ensures a smooth and quiet ride for your sliding gate. GateshoX not only dramatically reduces sliding gate noise, but also minimises rail wear and corrugation,leading to long-term and reliable operation. GateshoX wheels are ideal for both angle or round rails and the wheels are incredibly easy to change thanks to their click in and click out design


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Superior gate motor repair services in Pretoria east for over a decade. We have completed more than a 100 000 of high ending projects around Pretoria East and Centurion.

Pretoria east gate motor repairs and installation works hand in hand with home and business owners, factories, farms, plots, warehouses to refurbish, repair and installation services that meet your needs. We develop an in depth understanding of the unique gate motor repair requirements and special challenges presented by your property.

As a home owner in Pretoria east you will also have confidence of knowing that our fast response 24/7 service is available to you at all times, meaning property owners and residents will experience only limited service interruptions. Our high level of experience means we can not only fix gate motor problems quickly when they problem arise but also help you plan ahead upgrading your electric gate motor before they break down avoiding interruptions.You will also rest assured that you won’t have to call multiple gate motor technicians when you have a gate problem. Gate motor repairs Pretoria east can fix and install all of your gate motor brands and model’s.Thanks not only to our expertise when fixing and installing gate motors but also our willingness to respond quickly when problems arise.


The goal of our company is to contribute to overall security of your property by providing great gate motor repairs and installation solutions, above all great customer service. Our mobile technicians allows us to repair your gate motor immediately, sameday. By providing excellent gate motor services and having the capacity and experience to install and fix gate motors, we can insure safety, security and daily convinience

Whether its a broken sliding electric motor gate or a swing gate motor, any model or brand. Doesn’t matter the cause, power surge or lightning damage or you accidentally hit your gate with a car, we can help. Our gate motor welder and technician guarantee smoothly operating gate within the shortest time while maintaining our highest quality.

Thinking of installing a gate motor in Pretoria east at your house or business? Call us.

When your property needs extra security at the front line, our gate motor repairs Pretoria east are, without a doubt the most efficient and experienced on the gate motor repairs industry.

When repairing or installing an automatic, gate motor, it is important to find a reliable electric gate motor repairers with years of experience in the industry. Electric motor gate repairs is the leader in the automatic security gate motor industry, with nearly 25 years of experience and an extensive line of electric gate motor systems in Pretoria ea to fit the needs of the hime owners. Electric gate motor repairs wide range premium gate motor repairs and installation means we an serve a wide range of security conscious industries across Pretoria. You can rst assured that your facility has the best automatic gate motors Pretoria has to offer, regorously tested for durability and performance in any conditions. Our gate motor installation are not only designed to stand the harsh weather, but can also be customized to meet the specifications of any project. We have the most advanced electric gate motor system Pretoria east on the market, many of which have patents. This approach indicates that we will continue to develop our security gate motor technology in the future, providing our customers with uptodate gate motor systems. Out cost effective gate solutions provide incredible life time value, so oir customers benefit greatly over a long time from quality gate motor brands

Gate motor installation cost in Pretoria east

Gate motor installation labour cost R650 – R1200.

Gate motor repairs services cost R400 to R700

Call out fee R400

Gate wheels replacement R850

Battery replacement R650 – R1200

Sliding gate motor supply and installation can range from R5500 to R13000, depending on the gate size, weight and length. To replace any existing gate motor Cost R5200 – R1200

Swing gate motors are a little bit expensive with prices between R12000-R16000

We don’t have hidden prices, once we agree on a price, thats it. Whatever challenges we face is on us not the client.

Why Choose Gate motor repairs Pretoria East?

At Gate motor repairs Pretoria East, we know that disaster can strike your business at any moment, day or night. When it does, you need assistance fast. For valued customers, we offer a 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year emergency commercial electric gate motor service designed to put any gate motor problems right as quickly as possible. Our team of trained gate motor repairers and installers work swiftly and efficiently and we are always available to help you, no matter what gate motor problems y you face.

Gate motor problems can be highly dangerous. Pretoria east gate motor repairs we make sure that one of our well trained gate motor emergency technicians Pretoria east is with you as soon as possible. Gate motor issues need to be fixed before they pose a threat to persons or property.

Pretoria east emergency gate motor repairs service means that we are standing by, ready to react when you have a major gate motor fault.

When to use our Pretoria gate motor repairs?

There are all sorts of situations in which you might want to use our emergency gate motor repair services.

  • Can you smell electrical burning? If there is no fire, call us to ensure that the problem does not develop into a fire which could damage the gate motor and some electrical cables
  • Have your fuses blown? Call us to your gate motor back up and running again.
  • Is your battery expanding or are you smelling acid. Our emergency gate motor repairs have experience diagnose the cause of the problem and removing the fault battery.
  • Has your property been hit by lightning? Call us for assessment.
  • Is you gate wheels stuck or making grinding noise? Maybe its time for wheels replacement.
  • Is your gate motor making a beeping noise?


Downtime during business hours costs money. Our gate motor repairers can give you peace of mind, providing professional, friendly, 24/7 support in case of emergency. With one of our gate motor technician by your side, you can resolve problems before they threaten your business, and put your workersand customers at risk.

Gate motor repairs Pretoria east has more than 20years experience in repairing ,servicing and installing gate motors in Pretoria east. We leverage our experience to make sure that your gate is up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of an gate motor fault. Our customers are our number one priority and we strive to offer a courteous, friendly service at all times.And we only use premium grade hardware from leading suppliers.

Skilled and Experienced Gate motor services in Pretoria East.

Gate motor repairs Pretoria East are a team of gate motor installers and repairers in Pretoria East dedicated to providing a fast and reliable gate service in Pretoria East suburbs and greater Pretoria City. Together, we bring more than 25 years of gate motor repair services to the table where each member is licensed and insured for your safety and peace of mind.

Our qualified electric gate motor technicians deliver our customers expectations and we are totally committed to quality workmanship and to attending to customers sites on time. We guarantee our workmanship but we have no hesitation to respond to complete work information or enquiries.


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