Centurion D5 smart supply, repairs and installation

Lyttelton gate motor repairs repairs, supply and install gate motors to home owners and commercial properties around Centurion. When it comes to gate motors to secure your home or business, we have a variety of options available including electric gate motor kits, sliding gate motors and swing gate motors, as well as offering a full range of accessories. We work with our clients throughout the installation process to provide the perfect solutions for the security of your home or business.

Centurion D10 gate motor repairs supply and installation

We have installers who can offer you a premium service for installing your manual or electric gate motors. Our installers have constantly shown their professional commitment to customer service, quality and safety when installing sliding and swing gate motors. We make sure we will meet the exacting standards you expect, supplied and installed by a world leader in reliable and efficient automation.

Be assured that trained professionals are on hand usually with spare parts to fix any issues that arise. Our professional team of repair technicians understand the importance of your gate to your schedule and peace of mind and we take that need seriously.

Centurion D5evo gate motor repairs supply and installation

In case your gate motor begins to malfunction or it breaks down entirely and you need a new gate motor supplied and installed our team of gate motor technicians is the best at what they do and will get your gate motor running installed no time. Our team of gate motor installers will sit down with you and help you choose one that’s fit your gate. Call on us, so we can give you the convinience and security of a new electric gate or repair your old one to restore it to its potential.

Upon your call, one of our proficient and experienced electric gate motor repairs will come to you and access your electric gate system and find the problem and fix it right away. All our gate motor repairs and installation are characterised by a focus on quality, safe durable products that make use of technologies that guarantees high quality standards. Our strategy is simple, we offer quality reliable products to industry professionals but what set us apart from our combetitors is our focus on customer service. Our customers are the most important aspects of our business, we depend on you. We keeps things simple and have the flexibility to offer the personel touch to our before and after sales services.

Centurion D2 gate motor repairs, supply and installation

Automatic gate motor adds convenience and security to the home, however making sure you have the right system installed with a company who will supply, service and repairs. Our customer base is made of those we have installed fully automated gate systems for and those who have called us with gate problems. We take on the repairs and servicing of the majority of automation system for existing gates, where the owners no longer have contact with the original installers or have lost confidence in the original installers.

Lyttelton gate motor solutions have become the installers and repairs of choice. This has been achieved by our continuous innovation, fast response to ever changing market needs the reliability of our products, continuous support, service, sameday services guaranteed work excellent turnaround time and closely working with our client.

We are the solution for all your gate motor needs from smallest problems to new installation. We offer the finest automation solutions available anywhere.

Gemini ggate motor repairs, supply and installation


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Centurion swing gate motor repairs and installation services


Is your gate motor malfunctioning? Are you having troubles getting into your property? Then you need Lyttelton gate motor repairs from your local gate specialists. We offer repair to any residential and commercial clients. Our gate motor repair services will be the solution you need to have and your gate will be repaired in no time. So if your gate begins to play games with you it takes only one visit from us to fix it.

Lyttelton gate motor repairs hires professional gate technicians only, who are experienced in repairing all types of gate motor systems and automatic gate motor systems. The is no need to worry that you may have to wait many days for someone to come and repair your gate. With our sameday service we will be there and get your gate motor fixed sameday, Sametime.

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Centurion D5 smart supply and installation

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