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Soshanguve gate motor repairs proudly serve the Soshanguve area and sorrounding suburbs .We specializes in the repairs and installations of the top grade gate motors in Soshanguve .Soshanguve gate motor repairs offers gate motor services for both commercial and residential gate motors. Call Soshanguve gate motor repairs today and your gate motor will be running in no time.

Soshanguve electric gate motors is the answer to provide security ,for practical reasons ,as an investment or to enhance the appearance of your property. Soshanguve gate motor repairs are now a widely demanded installers and gate motor repairs which is used to fix and maintain electric gates in residential and commercial properties through out Soshanguve .

How ever it is just as important to maintain and service your gate motor and gate can ensure your gate motor remains operational. You may need to repair your electric gate motor in order to ensure that they kept lubricated to enable efficient operation and ensure that they operate in a safe manner. Electric gate motor repairs can be done to identify any areas where equipment is worn out or showing signs of failure. We provide you the service of electric gate motor repairs in Soshanguve .

Soshanguve gate motor repairs Centurion provide the best electric gate motor repairs and installations in Soshanguve .During our service we check and ensure there are no physical obstructions in the gate path,test all electrical systems ,check all voltages and current are within operating parameters, check brushes and gear box ,verify magnetic and electric origin systems make adjustments to ensure complete gate closure and make sure safety controls and gate motor is working.

Centurion D5 evo gate motor installations

In the unfortunate event that your electric gate motor becomes in need of repairs of repairs ,Soshanguve gate motor repairs can repair all electric gate motor promptly to your convenience. Whether the damage is to the gate or gate motor itself we would be happy to assist and our team of experts can advise on how this can be avoided in future. Whether the repair is included in one of our maintenance packages or as a one off repair contact a member of our team to discuss the problem. We can attend a customer property located anywhere ,often on the same day for electric gate motor repairs in Soshanguve .We offer range of services agreement to keep your electric gate in tip tip conditions and ensure that they give faultless service at all times.

We offer a fully scheduled service ,every 12 months we will call to arrange a date and time to suit you .We will call to confirm closer to the date .Our technicians are all well trained and equipped to deal with any problems your system may have .


Soshanguve is one of the words leading brand in Soshanguve .Its technological platforms includes multi wire analogue GSM system,intercoms ,remotes ,keypads systems .Wired beams and wireless beams .Soshanguve gate motors have been making the broadest range of automated products for residential and industrial gate motors,parking systems and access control and developing home automation and security system. Cutting edge technologies ,soundness ,efficiency and installations are among the principles that guide the company in the installation and repair solutions not only to meet today’s needs ,but also to anticipate future requirements and ensure that they give faultless service at all times.


The Gemini gate motor system is rigidly built for reliability, but with safety a first priority. The electronic control card makes provision for several unique features ,such as remote controlled gate opening ,pedestrian gate opening facility ,abstraction sensing,adjustable auto close facility, infrared beams. A battery is used as a power source for the electric motor ,a 220 V trickle charger maintains the battery in fully charged state. Gemini gate motors in Soshanguve have both industrial and residential gate motors ,beams,remotes controls to suite your needs. Provided that track wheels with minimum diameter of 80 mm ,fitted with roll bearing on a straight and level track is used gate motor must move with ease.


Hansa gate motors have been designed and built in South Africa to withstand the harsh African conditions. Hasna gate motors offer extreme reliability and durability. Specific hansa gate motors feature the fast open /close facility which enhance your safety and has been designed around security.

Hands 24 v gate motor


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The LCD will tell you if the battery is low or not and confirm if the main power supply to the motor is off or affected at all .The Dace gate motor indicates when the gate motor is opening or closing.

Dace sprint gate motor


Many people don’t want to think about replacing an old gate motor particularly if its still getting the job done but like any security system ,a gate motor must be replaced when it begins to cause problems or just isn’t providing you with an adequate level of security. Replacing an old gate motor is not merely something one does for convenience, its critical part of any home security system of your family and the protection of your property.

  • Your gate malfunctions a lot – A gate motor that malfunctions on regular basis is not going to cut it. This can be anything from running off the rails to getting stuck while opening or closing ,if its giving you problems on a weekly basis and no amount of repairs or resets seem to be sorting out the problem, then its time to have it replaced
  • You have multiple repair bills – if you called a technicians more than three times in the last 6 months and had multiple repair jobs conducted on your electric gate motor ,it maybe time to accept that its beyond repair.
  • Gate motor is slow
  • You can’t find spares
  • The motor casing is corroded and damaged
  • Your motor does not have battery backup
  • Your gate is heavy non your current gate motor


Gate motors are very limited in their ability to act on their own. These gate operators require several inputs to complete a fully operationally access control system. You will need inputs to open and close the gate ,to stop and reverse the gate from closing on vehicles and pedestrian and keep the gate opened for timed durations or simply while others pass through. You will require no less than five different access control system .From keypads ,cards readers,Magnet locks ,wands ,safety beams, one or form or another of these devices is required to complete your gate access control system.


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